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We are a small team of builders based in the New Forest, Hampshire. We provide an all-encompassing service to cut costs and create complete peace of mind. 


From conception to construction, from painting to plumbing, we do it all and we do it well. Call us to get a quote.

The Rushworth Promise: Honesty. Quality. Craftsmanship. 


I am an artist, builder and maker. I try not to put my work in a box as it is expansive and covers many bases. I have recently undertaken work on Grade 1 and some Grade 2 listed building. This included the full restoration of a Grade 2 listed barn and the interior remodeling of numerous houses. I also work extensively with timber, having built foundation up houses and extensions. Since moving to the New Forest, my work has primarily focused on building projects. But beyond this, I am also an artist and sculptor. 

I started my career as a jewellery designer and maker. I began to establish myself as an artist and develop my aesthetic. This led me to explore other disciplines, finding ways of expressing my artistic perspective through longer and bigger projects. 

After being awarded 2nd place at the International Platinum Awards for Design and Manufacture, I wanted to be creative in other ways. I went on to the Camberwell College of Arts, London where I graduated with a degree in three-dimensional design. 

After my studies, I worked as sculptural assistant to Sir Anthony Caro for two years. I felt I had matured as a creator in this role and wasn’t sure where I was going next but felt like I had momentum and creative direction. 

With knowledge and experience behind me, I then set up my own sculptural studios on Eel Pie Island on the River Thames. Inhabited by artists, artisans and boat builders, the obscure and charming island is a hub for innovators and designers.  

In the following seventeen years, I involved myself in the film industry, metal work, sculpture and building projects. I formed relationships with various architects and builders during this time and found myself entering the world of building. 

My skills and ingenuity continue to mature with every new challenge I encounter, and with every challenge comes an increasing amount of love for my work. I aim to bring a subtle alchemy to every project I commit to.


I aim for quality, honesty and craftsmanship. I like to call it the Rushworth Promise. 


Location: Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom



Tel: 07976573628



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